Sunday, March 2, 2008

Joining in the fun known as Purple Teeth Cellars

Just because we have not been blogging all that much recently doesn't mean we haven't been busy hard at work getting Purple Teeth Cellars off of the ground. There is what I call the "not so fun" stuff, such as getting ourselves situated from both a legal and financial perspective, and we wanted all of that taken care of before we kicked off any other activities of significance.

Getting all of that "schtuff" worked out now allows us to focus on what is really important - making awesome wine and satisfying our customers. And we place equal emphasis on both. You could have a great product with unsatisfactory customer service, or you could give your customers an excellent service experience but you need an awesome product to back it up.

As we put our business plan together, we put a tremendous amount of thought into the qualities that we wanted our business to exude. I'll let you in on what some of those characteristics are:

  • Conduct ourselves with integrity as well as demonstrate honesty and unquestionable ethics in all of our dealings.
  • Give our customers a top of the line experience in terms of learning about wine, purchasing our wine, and resolving inquiries as they arise.
  • Produce a premium product that consists of grape sources from top wine producers and utilizes a consistent process from start to finish.

I know these seem like 'yeah, duh' types of things but as consumers, Marc and I are regularly stunned at how many instances we encounter when businesses that project a 'premium image' do not actually execute on how to make their customers come back for more.

We will be posting more soon on some of the other things we have been working on, but hopefully this will give you all some insight on what we have been doing behind the scenes as we ramp up for our inaugural release (Early Fall, 2008).

Thanks in advance for your support!!

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