Wednesday, August 6, 2008

2007 Syrah Progress

Both of the 2007 Syrahs are progressing nicely in the barrels. They are about halfway through the barrel aging process and the White Hawk is surprisingly elegant already. The surprise is mostly because we think the Alder Springs will be more classical, elegant, and European in style by the time we bottle. Kian laughs and thinks the second half of the aging process will turn this around.

The Alder Springs has a great dark purple color with flavors of cherries, chocolate, mocha, cranberries and dried fruit. It's not overly fruity and there is still just barely a hint of any pepper or spice involved. It is denser and tighter than the White Hawk right now. It'll probably go well with herbs de Provence or Italian herbs but probably not with Marc's favorite crushed red pepper flakes.

The White Hawk is darker in color and is very spicy with black and white pepper. But it is also very elegant right now. It will probably do fine with a less spicy dish like a pasta marinara so the wine with its built in flavors can steal the show. Both wines have great acidity tingling the tongue that will show well when paired with meals.


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