Monday, February 9, 2009

'07 Syrahs, Mexican Professional Wrestling - Goes Together, Right?

Last week, I was very excited for Friday because I knew it meant that we were going to be tasting the latest barrel samples from our ’07 Syrahs from Alder Springs (Mendocino County) and from White Hawk (Santa Barbara County). I even knew what I was going cook to test out some food pairing ideas to share with the Purple Teeth Cellars community.

First I had some business to attend to in my other job on Friday morning, and it involved getting approval to move forward on something a few of us had been working together on for awhile. The meeting goes pretty well and the team gets some marching orders, so we can continue heading in the right direction. All is good leading into the weekend and my lab experiments in the kitchen.

At the end of the meeting, one of my colleagues gives my boss and I each a small bag with some tissue paper on top (think ‘gift’). I’m a bit puzzled, but ok. I open the bag and much to my surprise, I find a mask in it. A mask from one of the most famous Mexican professional wrestlers - at least that is what I was told. Now understand that I really didn’t know there was a Mexican wrestling league. My expression must have been priceless to those in the room who witnessed this.

But out of respect to the person who thought of this gift and gave it to me, I needed to come up with something that would show the mask in use. After some deliberation, I had an idea. I knew over the weekend I would be making a Roast Chicken with Pancetta as well as Braised Lamb Shanks with Garlic and Herbs (scroll down on link) to go with our ’07 Purple Teeth Cellars barrel samples. I knew I needed to brown the meat in each of the recipes before slow roasting/braising and that task can be messy with olive oil splattering etc. Hmmmm…

So instead of using the splatter screen that I would normally have on hand for this kind of task. I wore the mask, although my nose was still exposed (see picture). I figured that maybe I would be able to intimidate the meat into being perfect for our wine tasting. I have to say that both dishes came out really well. Stay tuned for more on the tasting notes and how the wines paired with the braised lamb shanks and roasted chicken dishes.

And don't forget to keep on flashing those PURPLE TEETH!

P.S. -- No word on when my boss, also a mask recipient, will be seen donning his new wardrobe addition.

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