Monday, December 28, 2009

Oh Dottie and John - please come back!

Hope everyone has been having a safe and fun holiday season. The folks of Purple Teeth Cellars are still recovering from the holiday festivities, last minute orders of wine, etc., but we still found some time to catch up on some reading over the weekend as we watched both of our football teams die a slow death in terms of viability for the NFL playoffs.

While the Broncos are still technically alive for Mr. PurpleTeeth, the Giants put on a pathetic performance yesterday that just outraged Mrs. PurpleTeeth. We can only hope that the pathetic 2nd half for the Giants will lead to more strategic coaching and player changes for the 2010 football season. But we're digressing here as that is not the point of today's entry.

Today's entry is about finding that the
WSJ has decided to end the much-loved "Tastings" column written by the husband and wife team of John Brecher and Dorothy Gaiter. This column has been regular reading for a long time and was instrumental in educating me on wine in a non-judgmental way.

Their biggest contribution was the creation of "Open That Bottle Night", which is now celebrated in countless households around the world, including ours. We invite some friends over for a potluck, tell stories about why we selected that wine to open and most importantly, have a lot of laughs.

While we don't know the circumstances around the cessation of the "Tastings" column, all I can say is that I hope that this means that Dottie and John have found a better forum in which to share their wisdom and enthusiasm about wine and enjoying it in the larger context of life.

In the meantime, OTBN will continue to be a tradition in the Purple Teeth Cellars household. Speaking of which, I need to get those invites ready to go out on the 1st...


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At December 29, 2009 at 7:47 PM , Blogger mikez said...

I'm with you guys!!! Sad day indeed.
Lots of head scratching, tisk, tisk, tisking "Long live the OTBN tradition"!!


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