Sunday, January 10, 2010

Purple Teeth Cellars and JDRF

As we have mentioned in the past, Purple Teeth Cellars donates a portion of its profits to the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation (JDRF). But we also get involved in JDRF and its mission in other ways. For example, we hosted our 3rd annual wine dinner with all monies going to JDRF directly and we’re starting to get involved in the local chapter as well.

Last week, I had the opportunity to assist in gathering some footage for the video that focuses on one of the biggest events for the Northwest chapter of JDRF – “Beat the Bridge”. We want to get a message to sponsors (existing and potential) about the event and educate where we can about Type 1 diabetes. We were fortunate to have a very articulate young lady (“J”), currently a student at one of the local middle schools, act as our ambassador. She was gracious enough to be interviewed about what life is like with Type 1 diabetes.

Not only did we have the chance to talk to “J”, but we also interviewed her one of her teachers and 4 of her friends to get an understanding of how they look out for her. We also heard from “J’s” mother who talked about how there were a couple of misdiagnoses before the eventual diagnosis of Type 1 diabetes. You never get used to hearing stories of when a child is diagnosed. Plus there is always some derivative of the statement that a family never gets a vacation from Type 1 diabetes, which is another thing you never get used to.

We captured almost an hour of footage, which we will need to shrink quite a bit for the promotional video, but I am excited about what we have on film. We are hopeful that we can use some of the extra content for other educational uses for the JDRF Northwest chapter page. When we get the video edited and it is ready for prime-time, I’ll post something here.

Thanks again for your continued support of Purple Teeth Cellars!


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