Thursday, April 1, 2010

New Jersey update on wine shipping - help!

Given that Mrs. PurpleTeeth has lots of family and friends in the northeast from growing up there and spending the 1st 31 years of her life there, shipping to NJ is pretty important to Purple Teeth Cellars. So naturally we have been keenly monitoring what has been going on in the Garden State with respect to direct-to-consumer wine shipping.

We found this great blog called and reached out to them to get the latest on what is left to be done. Since we're kindred spirits, they responded rather quickly on how you can help make direct-to-consumer wine shipping a reality in NJ.

Note that while this blog entry refers to NJ, most states are impacted on some level with direct-to-consumer wine shipping. So get involved and call your elected representatives to let them know that consumer choice should reign supreme!

Currently, a bill to permit the direct shipping of wine to New Jersey residents has been cleared by the state Senate, and has been referred to an Assembly committee. We are in the process of working to have the direct shipping bill heard in an Assembly committee. From there, the bill would be voted on by the entire General Assembly, and upon a successful vote, the bill would be presented to the Governor for a signature.

The wholesalers in New Jersey are fighting this issue very hard. We need you to contact your legislators in support of the direct shipping bill (S766/A1702). We also need you to talk to your friends, neighbors, relatives, colleagues to take similar action! UnCorkNJ has set up a fast and easy way for someone to contact their legislators.

Please visit and you will be presented with a page that contains a message of support and a few areas to enter information. This message is then sent directly to their elected officials, and the members of the Assembly Regulatory Oversight & Gaming Committee (the committee that has the direct shipping bill).

For those of your friends who do not live in New Jersey and still want to take action, the following are email addresses you can use to send your own messages of support, or a copy of the message we have drafted. Our message is found when following the above link, or we would be happy to send it to you via the body of an email.

Assembly Speaker: Assemblywoman Sheila Oliver –
Majority Leader: Assemblyman Joseph Cryan –
Assembly Regulatory Oversight & Gaming Committee Chairman: (FYI, Assemblyman Burzichelli is one of the bills sponsors) Assemblyman John Burzichelli –

While you're at it, call the new Governor of NJ too!

Thanks again for your support and don't forget to flash those PURPLE TEETH!


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