Friday, April 22, 2011

Purple Teeth Cellars – getting it in stores!

For those of you who have small businesses, you know that the tiniest of accomplishments can seem like a big deal. Last month, we had our mention in Seattle Magazine. This month, we got placed in our first retail location here in Seattle – Wine World Warehouse in Wallingford!

We have
received a number of inquiries about finding our wine someplace other than our website, so we have been working to figure out how to make that happen. Purple Teeth Cellars was given the opportunity to pour at Wine World and based on the sales from that afternoon, they decided to add our wine to their shelves. BIG DEAL FOR US! And hopefully an incentive for some of you in the Seattle area to buy some for yourself the next time you are hanging out in Wallingford.

This past week was pretty busy on the Purple
Teeth Cellars front. Given our initial success at getting on to the shelves at Wine World, we felt like expanding our horizons and reaching out to some other retailers to see about pouring at their shops. If the uptake is positive, then we hope it leads to them carrying our wine. Since we have day jobs (the point of the Seattle Magazine article), this week was quite a juggle getting everything in. And because we were returning from NYC on Monday, it made for a short week for us.

But we managed to get some appointments
and we were really pleased to have each of the retailers compliment all 3 of our current releases on how well they are tasting right now. The Petite Sirah still needs a bit of air or decanting before serving, but otherwise they are ready to enjoy (with or without food)! For the record, the Petite is tasting great – it is still really powerful and just needs a bit of time to unwind, just like many of us after a long day at the office. The upside of this is that you don't go through a bottle at a tasting with a retailer. Generally, they make an assessment after a couple of sips and that's it. So you cork the wine and keep it for the next appointment, etc. Although 2 of the 3 retailers enjoyed a particular wine so much that I offered the rest of the bottle to them as a goodwill gesture.

We still had some of the 3 current releases left from the retailer tastings (about
½ bottle each), and Marc thought it would be a great idea to uncork our 2008 Syrahs (one from Alder Springs and one from White Hawk) to see where they were at. So we were able to compare the 2007 Alder Springs with the 2008 vintage from the same vineyard. And the same for the 2007 White Hawk. It's definitely fun to do those comparisons. We prepped some chicken and veal over the course of the week with different seasonings/food preparations to get a sense of the pairing possibilities. More to come on that front. :-)

Marc and I also had the chance to taste some barrel samples of the 2010 Viognier and 2010 White Hawk Syrah recently. Yes, you read that correctly. We are doing a white wine, but it is still from the Rhône Valley in France, and it is called "The Teeth Rinser". All of our wines are tasting as they should…. Both need a bit more time in the barrel but things are heading where we would like them to be. The 2009s are moving along, so things are looking good for Purple Teeth Cellars.

So keep on flashing those PURPLE TEETH and please check out some of the NEW PRICING (!!) on our website as we clear out inventory for our next vintage to be released! And of course, please go find our wine at Wine World Warehouse in Seattle! And stay tuned to find out where Mr. and Mrs. PurpleTeeth will be pouring their wines next!

We are grateful for your support and look forward to continue to engage with all of you about wine, food, and most importantly, fun. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to reach out!
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