Wednesday, May 23, 2012

New Trios, Teeth Rinser, Price Reductions & More!

It truly has been awhile since you heard from us at Purple Teeth Cellars!

We have been busy making wine, releasing wine, selling wine, etc. It’s been fun. We have been involved in some charity events where our wines were paired with some amazing dishes (pics to be posted on Facebook and Twitter soon once we receive them). 

Trios Anyone?
We have heard from our customers that they like vertical flights of wine, meaning they want to be able to compare the same wines from different vintages. In response to that feedback, we are pleased to offer TWO new trios of wine:
The trios are each available for $72, which is a bargain. If you purchased each of these wines individually, it would be $81 so you get some savings. Furthermore if you purchase both of the trios, you receive an additional 10% off of your order! So let’s do the math:
  • order both trios for $144
  • subtract $14.40 (10%)
  • total for both trios is $129.60, which is a savings of over $32!

Teeth Rinser Released!
Our “Teeth Rinser” Viognier is getting raves on being a full bodied white wine that really showcases some wonderful fruit notes like peaches and pears. It is from Catie’s Corner Vineyard in Sonoma Valley and because it is our inaugural venture into the white wine world, we are beyond gratified that people are really enjoying it! It’s getting warmer, so if you need something on the white wine side for the summer, get yourself some “Teeth Rinser”! Additionally, if you are drinking a red wine, this is the best way to rinse them off before going back for some more red wine. Toothpaste is such a buzz kill!!

Summer Shipping
The final day to put in a ground shipping order before the summer season is this Sunday. Order NOW! As of Monday, May 28th, all wine ordered via Purple Teeth Cellars will only be available to be shipped via Air (NO GROUND SHIPPING) through Labor Day. We do not want the warmer temperatures affecting the wine you order because we produce such a high quality product. Order by Sunday, May 27th to ensure you have your Purple Teeth Cellars for the summer months!

New Pricing
Check out the Purple Teeth Cellars store to see some newly reduced prices on our bottle aged vintages. We want you to enjoy these now.

Petite Sirah
According to our sources, Petite Sirah is staging a comeback. We have always loved the grape so you can benefit. We have made some great Petite Sirah and you can choose whether you want it bottle aged from the 2006 vintage or young and powerful from the 2009 vintage. Check it out in our store!

Wine Available At Wine World
If you live in the Seattle area, did you know that you can buy Purple Teeth Cellars at Wine World & Spirits in the Wallingford neighborhood in Seattle? Stop by, tell them we sent you and if you want them to carry more of our wine, say it loudly!

As always, we are so grateful for the support of all of you. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to get in touch with us at! We look forward to hearing from you!

All the best,
Marc and Jill Beck (aka Mr. and Mrs. Purple Teeth)
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